Reed Allison (Class of 2009)

Bobbie Arnold (Former Armstrong Faculty/Staff)

Erica Sandoval Baltazar (Class of 2002)

Katie Bentley (Class of 2010)

Jame Berry (Class of 2006)

Ronan Buckley (Class of 2009)

Zach Burket (Class of 2005)

Connor Cable (Class of 2009)

Casey Ching (Class of 2009)

Daniel De Luca (Alum)

Lauren Douthit (Class of 2001)

Lynn Douthit (Parent of Alum)

Scott Douthit (Current Armstrong Faculty)

Michelle Dumas (Class of 1990)

Alexa Dwyer (Class of 2009)

Zack Dwyer (Class of 2014)

Owen  Flannery, Jr. (Class of 1990)

Kristof Froehlich (Class of 2006)

Andrew Gaddis (Class of 2006)

Tommy Goodley-Espinosa (Class of 2010)

Marcus Gunkel (Parent of Alum)

Max Gunkel (Class of 2013)

William Gunn (Class of 2006)

Matt Hargadon (Class of 2008)

Patrick Hughes (Class of 2010)

Jackson Hunter (Class of 2010)

Jill Jacobson (Current Armstrong Staff)

Meghan Jauregui (Current Armstrong Staff)

Matthew Jones (Alum)

Tiffany Reiswig Jones (Class of 1991)

Nancy Kelly (Current Armstrong Faculty)

Michael Kenny (Class of 2006)

Frankie Koep-Blanco (Class of 2010)

David Kormanak (Alum)

Mark Larwood, IV (Class of 2009)

Claire Gros de Mange Lazar (Class of 2003)

Nora Lewis (Class of 2010)

Kim Loder (Parent of Alum)

Ralph Lortie (Current Armstrong Staff)

Connor Menden (Class of 2009)

Bailey Miller (Class of 2009)

Jessica Miller (Current Armstrong Head of School)

Kam Mirilavassani (Class of 2009)

Sally Moreno (Class of 2003)

Kelly Moresco (Class of 2005)

Rhonda Orr (Current Armstrong Staff)

Denise Payne (Parent of Alum)

Nathan Payne (Class of 2013)

Nick Peruzzaro (Class of 1996)

Briana Phibbs (Class of 2009)

Aleisha Render (Alum)

Jo Riccomi (Class of 1995)

Andy Riemer (Class of 2006)

Kinsey Robertson (Class of 2013)

Retta Robertson (Parent of Alum)

Jeanne Rose (Current Armstrong Faculty)

Cindi Ross (Parent of Alum)

Chris Salas (Class of 2004)

Kameron Sawyer (Class of 2004)

Russ Smith (Current Armstrong Faculty)

Elina Smith-Leitch (Class of 2011)

Barbara Stephan (Parent of Alum)

Louis Stephan (Class of 2003)

Justin Strong (Class of 2010)

Hart Vachon (Class of 2009)

Olga Vose (Former Armstrong Faculty)

Katrina Vukasin (Class of 2009)

Nikko Vukasin (Class of 2005)

Warren Washer (Class of 1990)

Cynthia Wolfe Funai (Current Armstrong Staff)

Aaron Young (Class of 2009)

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